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EnerPure is redefining green energy.

Our Tech

Solving the waste oil problem.

EnerPure’s regenerated distillate product combines purity with performance.

EnerPure’s micro-regeneration technology recovers the value of waste lubricating oil by distilling one of society’s most pervasive pollutants into an end-consumer product with widespread use across the global transportation industry.


Waste motor oil is generally contaminated with solids, particulates, chemicals and metals. Before regeneration, the feedstock supply is filtered to remove contaminants and dehydrated.


Dehydrated feedstock is regenerated via EnerPure’s patent-protected thermal cracking reactor design, breaking down the waste oil compounds into smaller hydrocarbon molecules.


EnerPure’s distillation system separates cracked materials into lighter and heavier raw diesel fuel streams to meet the specifications for sale as commercial diesel fuels.


EnerPure’s filtration system utilizes a unique process that recycles finishing clay by incinerating the contaminant substances which have been removed from the diesel.


Redefining Sustainability. Defining a Generation.

EnerPure has proved that a purer future is possible.

What if we could transform one of society’s most destructive, pervasive pollutants, and make it more sustainable? After twelve years of dedication to research and development, EnerPure has done it.


Invest in the New Era of Energy.

Pure Results. Pure Returns. Pure Revolution.

The transportation industry is changing. Enerpure’s sustainable energy technology transforms waste oil into a greener energy solution, so transporters can meet more stringent international environmental regulations.