Recycling that Fuels the Energy Transition.

Our Goal


Our goal is the installation of 21 recycling plants in 6 years which will eliminate a cumulative three-quarters of a million tonnes of GHG by 2029. Annually the 21 plants would eliminate 333,000 tonnes of GHG and generate annual sales of US$330 million and estimated EBITDA of US$116 million. This is achieved through our proven, patented, and validated process and technology, which solves the global used motor oil problem while creating a premium product.


Used oil is treated and dehydrated to remove contaminants (particulates, chemicals, and metals).

Thermal Cracking

Thermal cracking breaks the purified UMO into smaller hydrocarbon molecules.


Distillation separates the various fuel streams to meet the specifications for sale as commercial distillate fuels.


Our unique polishing process is used to ensure our fuel meets the stringent IMO 2020 fuel regulations.


A proven solution to fuel the energy transition.

EnerPure faces a tremendous opportunity by bringing a solution to a globally disseminated problem and being able to cost effectively recycle used motor oil while creating a premium product which has a lower environmental footprint that is in demand across the marine industry.


Invest in recycling that will fuel the energy transition.

There is an increasing awareness of the environment impact of our energy consumption and the energy transition is upon us. EnerPure creates a win/win situation by tackling a significant problem while creating a premium product therefore addressing an urgent environmental need with strong economic returns.