Invest in the New Era of Energy.

EnerPure has built a sustainable energy system that won’t disrupt operations or supply chains.

The EnerPure Advantage

EnerPure’s patented regenerative micro-technology recovers the value of used oil into a high density petroleum fuel source that can be used throughout the marine transportation industry, offsetting emissions and reducing their overall environmental impact.

The transportation industry is changing. Enerpure’s sustainable energy technology transforms waste oil into a greener energy solution, so transporters can meet more stringent international environmental regulations.

Pure Results

Our low-sulfur petroleum-based fuel source is the only end-consumer product helping international transporters reliant on petroleum-based fuel sources meet more stringent industry standards as environmental regulations, without compromising power.

Since 2010, EnerPure has committed over $34 million towards research and development, perfecting this generation-defining technology and creating the only re-refined fuel source that is proven to exceed current fuel specs without the need for additional processing or upgrading.

Pure Performance

EnerPure’s unparalleled proprietary micro-technology means that establishing new regeneration facilities requires substantially less time and resources than other dated used oil re-refining methods, and can be stationed more conveniently and strategically to maximize profitability.
As an investment, EnerPure’s business model is highly scalable with exponential growth potential for their industry-dominating product due to regulatory changes necessitating an increase in demand.

Pure Revolution

By investing in the widespread deployment of EnerPure’s world class regeneration technology in strategically targeted regions, we can feasibly begin building a greener energy system within our generation – without sacrificing supply chains.

Thanks to EnerPure’s twelve years of passionate dedication to research and development, society has the revolutionary technology it needs to start building a truly sustainable energy system within our generation, while preserving the global economy.

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EnerPure’s pioneering technology provides proven results and profitable impacts.

Global markets are primed for EnerPure.

According to the Department of Energy (DOE), several factors will influence the used oil re-refining sector as technology advances throughout the 2020s, amplifying demand for EnerPure’s premium product and patented micro-technology. Below are some factors to consider, as identified by the DOE.

Recently implemented United Nations International Marine Organization regulations limiting marine bunker fuel (diesel fuel used in ship engines) sulfur content has resulted in a global trend of declining sulfur-heavy fuel markets.

Used oil sources tied to high sulfur fuel have seen lower used oil values and in tandem, the value of used oil in traditional fuel markets will likely decline.

Corporate Presentation: November 21, 2023

We’re thrilled to present our latest corporate update, ‘Recycling that Fuels the Energy Transition,’ on November 21, 2023. Dive into groundbreaking initiatives at the intersection of recycling and energy, showcasing EnerPure’s role in sustainability and global energy transition. Join us in shaping a greener future where recycling powers the energy revolution. Explore our achievements and future vision, and be part of the movement towards a more sustainable world.

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There are multiple avenues for expansion and business development when partnering with EnerPure, including Joint Venture Partnerships with full management services and vertical integration with waste oil producers, collectors or fuel distributors. If you or your business match any of the below criteria, we’d love to hear from you.

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