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EnerPure’s micro-technology is the sustainable energy solution our generation needs, now.

Pure, powerful, and compact. Rethink everything you knew about fuel.

What is Used Oil?

Used oil is defined as any petroleum-based or synthetic lubricating oil that cannot be used for its original purpose due to the presence of hazardous substances through contamination.

Since 2010, EnerPure has been working to address the myriad of environmental and public health challenges exacerbated by conventional methods of used oil disposal such as burning, burying or dumping.

Used Oil Stats

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US gallons of collectible used oil generated annually in North America

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US gallons globally

0 %

of global used oil is either burnt or dumped

0 %

of collectable used oil is recycled (US Department of Energy)

A truly sustainable energy system

Our proprietary used oil regeneration micro-technology distills this globally pervasive pollutant into a high-density distillate fuel that offers a more sustainably-formulated energy source to marine transporters, offsetting the need for conventional distillate fuels while tackling the global issue of hazardous used oil disposal.

Thanks to EnerPure’s twelve years of passionate dedication to research and development, society has the revolutionary technology it needs to start building a truly sustainable energy system within our generation, while preserving the global economy.

Burning Used Motor Oil Emits…


times more lead


times more sulfur oxides


times more arsenic


times more inhalable particulate matter

Compared to other forms of distillate fuel oil that is burned, like in space heaters. EnerPure’s regeneration facilities convert used oil into a distillate fuel and removes these toxic materials from the product.

Our tech, in a nutshell

EnerPure’s patented regenerative micro-technology processes a spent lubricating oil molecule into a high density fuel distillate that can be used by the transportation industry, offsetting the need for more polluting, conventionally produced fuels.

Our low-sulfur petroleum-based fuel source is the only end-consumer product helping the global transportation industry meet more stringent emissions targets as environmental regulations continue to evolve, with the compounding benefits of proven purity and performance.

Our technology’s smaller size and reduced operating complexity means that our regeneration facilities require less time and capital to be established, while allowing facilities to be stationed more conveniently and strategically. For example, near feedstock suppliers, industries, and municipalities.

Strategically stationed regeneration facilities offer reduced transportation time and operational costs while meeting policies that incentivize proper used oil recycling, such as when burning waste oil is banned.

Every deployed regeneration facility can profitably reduce annual net greenhouse gas emissions by over 16,230 tonnes per unit, providing a truly sustainable green energy solution for our customers, investors and global communities.

Practical and profitable

EnerPure’s regeneration facilities handle all by-products captured during the process in a responsible and environmentally conscious manner, providing a truly practical and profitable solution to the used oil disposal predicament.

Each regeneration facility...

EnerPure’s pioneering technology provides proven results and profitable impacts, right now.