Our Goal

21/6 - Removal of three-quarters of a million tonnes of greenhouse gases by 2029.

What is Used Motor Oil?

Used Motor Oil (UMO) is defined as any petroleum-based or synthetic lubricating oil that cannot be used for its original purpose due to the presence of hazardous substances through contamination through the normal course of use.

Since 2010, EnerPure has been working to address the myriad of environmental and public health challenges exacerbated by conventional methods of used motor oil disposal such as burning or dumping.

Used Motor Oil Stats

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Litres of UMO generated annually in North America

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Litres of UMO generated globally

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of global used oil is either burnt or dumped

0 %

of UMO is recycled

We Recycle Waste and Create a Premium In-Demand Product

With approximately 80% of UMO being either dumped or burnt our patented process enables this potentially harmful waste product (UMO) to be processed into a premium marine fuel that has a lower carbon intensity and lower sulphur content.

Both the UN and the IMO (International Marine Organization) is demanding a reduction in the carbon footprint in the shipping industry and our marine fuel is in demand due to its lower carbon intensity and superior properties. EnerPure has created a win-win situation by processing a waste product into a premium end product.

Burning Used Motor Oil Emits…


times more lead


times more sulfur oxides


times more arsenic


times more inhalable particulate matter

Compared to other forms of distillate fuel oil that is burned, like in space heaters. EnerPure’s regeneration facilities convert used oil into a distillate fuel and removes these toxic materials from the product.

Addressing an Urgent Environmental Need

Our patented recycling process uses a proven technology that has been used in an adjacent industry for over a century to recycle Used Motor Oil into a premium marine fuel, with a lower carbon intensity.

Each of our recycling plants is estimated to reduce 15,860 tonnes of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) each year.

By achieving our goal of 21 recycling plants in 6 years (21/6), we will have reduced GHG by a cumulative three-quarters of a million tonnes by 2029. With these 21 plants operating we have the ability to remove 333k tonnes of GHG annually.

Our longer-term objective of processing at least 10% of the global UMO through our plants would result in the reduction of over 1.5 million tonnes of GHG annually.

We simply cannot continue to either dump or burn UMO.

Addressing the Environmental Need with Strong Economic Returns

Our recycling plants are a standardized repeatable modular design. They are designed to process 30 million litres of UMO annually and have a cost of US$15m, which equates to approximately US$33,700 per daily flowing barrel. It is estimated at US$80 per barrel oil they will generate US$16m in Revenue, US$5.8 million in EBITDA, with an IRR of 49% and a payback of less than 3 years.

Our Pilot Plant processed 2 million litres of UMO at 43% of full scale and through our sales to Maersk with have validated a strong demand for our product.

EnerPure’s patented, proven, and validated solution is ready to deploy and help in the energy transition today.